Dead Mall Get Out – Aghios Dimitrios

Dead Mall Get Out – Aghios Dimitrios2023-05-18T14:31:34+00:00

Project Description

  • Complete study of the room, graphically and structurally.
  • Complete study of space, constructions, passages, economic study of construction crews and organization of space.
  • Creation of passages and study of space, routes and construction of static objects in the space (closets – shelves – stationary)
  • Creating puzzles and converting them for children and adults (different Hint System) and level of puzzles.
  • Creation of mechanisms, placement of magnets, wiring and operation control based on the Control Room. (All for indoor use provided with 12v power supplies and ideal lighting according to every safety measure)
  • Creation and installation of a CCTV system according to the visual needs of the area and proper supervision.
  • Creation and placement of a sound system, control of acoustics and sound effects.
  • Creation of a Network and the possibility of extending it to a remote area.
  • Stream and convert after TEST plays for proper Gameplay completion.