Some infos about us ..

… at first we are players , then we construct   !

The KCT team (Kleithropoios*  Creative Team ) has began since 2015 at the Escape Room industry , first as players and then as providers of escape room equipment and ideas .

Our goal is to transfer that feeling of joy that we feel in an Escape Room and import it to our new equipment and Escape Rooms that we construct for you.

In contract to any other company , the Escape room industry needs wriddle knowledge ,fresh ideas and the know how of the attitude of the users due to heavy use by them. You have to be the one that takes something useless and make it priceless . We make the experience of the player safe and new.

We are in constant communication with the Owners as also with the players of the Escape rooms industry in order to have both the nessesery info needed by both of them !

*Kleithropoios = Kleitrho-poios  –  The one who makes the keys – the Key/master – The Locksmith



Referring the KCT – Escape Room Creative Team …